Babies R Us Great Trade-In Event


When it comes time to register for a baby, I think Babies R Us is pretty much a given in our area. There just aren’t a lot of other options with a comparable variety or selection. Now that I’ve started a gift registry at Babies R Us, I’ve realized they really do have a lot of great benefits for new parents (particularly if you are a rewards member).

One of the recent things I’ve discovered is the Great Trade-In Event which lasts from February 1-29. You bring in an old piece of baby gear and Babies R Us will give you a 25% off coupon to use on a new baby gear item. There is no limit to the number of items you can bring in. Each item you “trade-in” will give you one 25% coupon to be used in store before the end of the month. Qualifying baby gear items include high chairs, car seats, cribs, strollers, booster seats, bouncers, entertainers, play yards (etc… Basically all of the higher priced items that end up on your registry). The age or condition of the old items you bring in doesn’t matter because Babies R Us just disposes of the items safely to get outdated and potentially unsafe products out of circulation. Of course, it doesn’t hurt Babies R Us that you’ll be in store and hopefully inclined to purchase other smaller items while you’re there also! 🙂

Since this is our first baby, we didn’t have any old gear to trade in. However, I posted a note on our neighborhood’s Facebook page asking for old items people were looking to toss or sell at a reasonable price and within an hour I had three items that a family gave me for free!! They graciously just gave us an old play yard, car seat, and booster seat so I got three 25% off coupons today! I couldn’t believe Babies R Us gave us a coupon for the booster seat since those things are so cheap but they did!

After doing the math, I’ve figured that if we end up using the coupons on the most expensive items on our registry, they could save us nearly $300!! An associate in the store also told me that if I open a store credit card that we would actually get 30% off of each item we purchase PLUS an extra 15% for opening the card. I don’t like opening credit cards but the savings could make it well worth it.

I asked if this was the only time of year they do this and was told the “great trade-in” is only once a year and applies to the full array of baby gear items. They also have a car seat only trade in event in the fall also.

So, if you are a mom or mom-to-be, this may be an event you want to look into. Even if you have to buy an old item from GoodWill for $10, it could end up saving you multiple times that on what would otherwise be a very pricey baby item. Or who knows… Maybe you have a family member, friend, or neighbor whose trash could be your treasure too!

Babies R Us Great Trade-In Event