My Eyebrow Journey

Listen to your moms…. when they warn you against over plucking your eyebrows, LISTEN to them.  I don’t care what is currently trendy!

I definitely over-plucked my eyebrows when I was in high school. Two years ago, I started really trying to regrow my brows. Up until that point, I’d never even had my eyebrows waxed. Starting In January 2016, Leah Gerstoff, owner of Sei Bella Waxing, helped guide my regrowth effort and maintain the proper shape. She is fabulous at what she does and she took into account all of the changes my body was going through with pregnancy and nursing at the time when she was giving advice. When several months had passed and the growth was happening super slowly, Leah suggested I use Castor oil. It definitely thickened my existing hair. While I did see more growth, I realized after some time that my eyebrows were just never again going to be as full as God originally intended. 

This is a close up of what I had to work with starting in July 2016: 

7/29/16 – “before” photo

And a year later… you can see little progress 😞. (I don’t know why I look so forlorn 🤣… maybe I was tired haha). 

At that point, I’d been trying to regrow my eyebrows for a year and a half.  I did make quite a bit of progress from where I started, but I decided to accept that this is as good as it was going to get naturally.

When I found out that Sei Bella Waxing was going to begin offering Microblading, I jumped at the opportunity.  For those that don’t know, microblading is a semi-permanent method of drawing individual hair strokes with a microblading pen on the skin. I was pretty nervous because the portion of my eyebrows (or lack thereof) near my nose was extremely sparse.  I wasn’t sure how it would look for that entire area to basically be pigment.  I was also pretty nervous about the procedure and the aftercare.  Not to mention, I went into the process knowing I was basically going to be a guinea pig for the newly certified esthetician! I’ve had so many people ask me about this process that I wanted to share my experience here.

I had my first microblading appointment on June 12, 2017.  First, I had to read and sign a lot of paperwork.  Next, we went through a color matching process.  My esthetician, Summer Whalen, narrowed down her recommendations and then showed me several options.  She actually swabbed several patches right above my brows so that I could really evaluate how closely the colors were to my actual hair.  Together we made the final selection. After we settled on a color, she cleaned off my face and sterilized the area. Then, we moved onto the shape.  This portion took more time than any other part (or so it seemed to me)!  Summer used various measurements and tools to draw on the initial shape.  She then took photos and used technology in an app to get the brows as symmetrical as possible. A lot of time and care was taken to make sure the shape was appropriate for my face.  After we were done with the shaping (about 1.5 hours into the appointment), we took a bathroom break.  I snapped this photo in the bathroom and was really glad I didn’t run into anyone in the hall!

Before I delve into the actual microblading process, you should know that I was under the impression that my eyebrow area would be numbed during the procedure.  After asking Summer about how much I’d feel, I quickly realized that assumption was incorrect! She explained that the best results and most precise lines are possible if you can at least get through the first microblading pass without numbing.  She also told me that no one else she’d done previously had needed the numbing so that made me feel a little better.  If you know me, you know I hate seeing my own blood and have been known to faint.  If I even think too hard about myself bleeding, I start sweating.  I have a really weird thing about my skin staying intact.  Needless to say, I was pretty anxious!

I want to point out that Summer was great about explaining exactly what was happening and what to expect.  I definitely felt like I was in good hands.  She showed me the tool she was going to use and explained how it would be used. I was really pleasantly surprised by how little pain was involved. The first pass on both brows really just felt like someone was scratching me with a pointy toothpick.  I definitely wouldn’t have thought it would break the skin.  After the cuts were complete on a brow, she would put a mask of pigment over the entire area and let it sit while she moved to the other brow. She warned me that the mask would sting for several seconds and it did but was totally bearable (although she still fanned my face to minimize as much discomfort as possible).  She is just the sweetest person. 

She ended up doing three passes on both brows. By the time it got to the third pass, my brows were starting to get a little sensitive and the pain was more noticeable.  I never felt the need for numbing medication but I was relieved when she said we were done after the third round! Here were my brows immediately following the appointment:

I was shocked that the area wasn’t really red or inflamed.  Summer warned me that the color would fade 40-60% over the next few weeks but I was super pleased with the shaping and technique of the esthetician. It was really odd to see my eyebrows so close together but I knew that initial reaction would fade as I got used to my new look. 

The aftercare lasted for ten days. Sei Bella gave me instructions and all of the materials I’d need to care for my healing brows. The process was actually REALLY easy. I’d pictured giant scabs pealing off of my face but there was none of that. I actually didn’t even know when the scabs fell off!  For me personally, it was extremely hard to not sweat (one of the many aftercare requirements) during this period because I tend to work out almost every day but it was worth it! 

Here is a photo showing my brows 5 weeks later (right before my touch up appt). Obviously, the pigment faded quite a bit. Summer had explained to me beforehand how everyone’s skin can take differently to the pigment.  I’ve seen many pictures of the other client’s they’ve performed microblading on and I’d definitely say mine faded a lot more than others. I’d committed to trusting the process though and was confident that my touchup session would correct the shape and fading. Summer explained how she would adjust the blading depth (which sounds awful, I know). Honestly, it really didn’t feel any more painful. She was confident it wouldn’t fade as much after has second round! (Spoiler alert…. she was right!) 

Right before touch up


Photo update immediately after my touch up:

And one month later…

Sorry the angles aren’t quite the same… not a pro photographer with the smartphone here 😜.  (Also… please excuse the plucking that was needed. I don’t want that to reflect on Summer’s work… that’s just me needing to tweeze the crazies!)  I was SUPER pleased with the outcome. Summer had asked me to share some pics with her a few weeks out to make sure I was healing well and didn’t need a third touch up. After sharing these photos with her, we both agreed that my left brown needed a little more work toward my nose. 

I just had a quick third touch up session about three weeks ago. Please note that a third session is NOT typical but totally a testament to Sei Bella’s commitment to making their client’s happy!  I truly think my skin was just a little more resistant to the pigment than the average person PLUS I had so much more to fill in than most of their client’s probably do. Summer definitely had her work cut out for her but she did SUCH A GREAT JOB.  I honestly can’t believe she was even a newby at this. I’ve had so many compliments on my eyebrows even during the process when they weren’t done yet! The estheticians at Sei Bella seriously are masters at browshaping which is key for microblading. I would honestly trust Summer to do this to me all over again without her ever even showing me the shape until it was already on my face! 

If you are interested in microblading, I would highly recommend Sei Bella and obviously, Summer specifically since she did my brows! She’s super sweet and will make you feel very comfortable. 

So here is a full before (meaning before I ever became a client at Sei Bella) and after photo. This really shows how far my brows have come with their help! They are taking microblading appointments now so give them a call!

My Eyebrow Journey